We Partner

We Partner

Church planting is never a one man show. From the very beginning of the church, God’s mission of making disciples through the power of the Spirit working with the power of the gospel word has always been about a community of believers working together. When Paul went on his first missionary journey, he was prayerfully sent out by the local church in Antioch (Acts 13:1-3). As he traveled, he went with brothers, a team of like minded men, who labored with him to proclaim the gospel (look at Col 4:10-14 for a list of men who were with him when he wrote Colossians). In addition to those who prayed for Paul and those who served with Paul, there were also those who gave. Paul recalls how the Philippian believers had partnered with him in giving in the beginning of the gospel (Phil 4:15).

Let me encourage you to pray and think carefully about how should get involved in The Exchange. We need people to do all three of these things: pray, partner (give), and participate. Our work here is not about one man or one local church; it is about a community of believers working together as citizens of the kingdom of God. How will you serve your King?

While we highly value partnerships with individuals, we also partner with churches and organizations for the sake of moving the gospel of Jesus forward to the glory of God globally. Below are some of our partners.

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