Laurie Cole

Laurie Cole

I have enjoyed my time here with you, especially during the community groups where we could share our struggles and our joys and receive encouragement every week, fellowshipping around God’s Word and praying for one another! It was exciting to watch God answer specific prayers during these times! And I realized just how important community is to my spiritual growth because of The Exchange Church.

My daughters and I attended the midweek community group even a year or two before we became members! We had so much fun and laughter, as well as tears sharing with Chris and Shayna, Kelsey and Ken, Jill and others. In addition, we also hosted our community group for a while, which we absolutely loved. Of course Greg and I were the oldest, but we were energized by the camaraderie of all the young people!! We loved it!

During the community groups, and through the ministry of The Exchange, I was encouraged to apply God’s TRUTH to my everyday life and to find my identity in Christ!

I feel God directed us here, and it was wonderful to have a church in our own community – I believe our church was a “shining city on a hill” for the Clio area. And on several occasions I was able to point people to Jesus using the name of our church as an example of how Jesus took our sins upon himself and put his righteousness on us – the GREAT EXCHANGE! 

We have also had the privilege of sitting under some amazing preaching and teaching by our lead Pastor Joe, as well as our Elders and Elders in training; and for that, I am truly thankful!

In addition, and probably most importantly, our church ministered to, helped, and encouraged our children over the last several years, for which I am so grateful to God and to The Exchange Church and friends!!

And as the Bible says in 3 John verse 4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 

Finally, I will miss this fellowship and the wonderful teaching we have been blessed with each week, and I will especially miss serving with my friends in the music ministry here!